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Botnet is collection of malicious software programs or robots, or bots, that run autonomously and automatically without knowledge of the user on the machine. Which will give the control to the bot creator called botheader/ botmaster, where the botheader will use the compromised system for the malicious purposes without users knowledge
Like many things on the Internet today, bots began as a useful tool without malicious overtones. Bots were originally developed as a virtual individual that could sit on an IRC channel and do things for its owner while the owner was busy elsewhere. IRC was invented in August of 1988 by Jarkko?


Botnets today

  • Botnets are collections of compromised machines under the control of a single entity, usually via a single controlling host?a botnet controller.
  • Agobot/Phatbot is well-written, modular code supporting DoS attacks, spam proxying, ability to launch viruses, scan for vulnerabilities, steal Windows Product Keys, sniff passwords, support GRE tunnels, self-update, etc. Phatbot control channel is WASTE (encrypted P2P) instead of IRC.
  • Other common bots: Korgobot, SpyBot, Optix Pro, rBot, SDBots, Toxbot.
  • A majority of viruses contain backdoors/create botnets (MessageLabs, 2004 Annual Report). About 9% of spam is sent via botnets (MessageLabs, September 2005 Report)
Bots refute the common argument that ?there?s nothing on my computer that anyone would want? (usu

 Download your Full Reports for Botnet


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