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Nowadays, most of the Businesses and Institutions are still using an old system of recording, which is done manually. The stuff/assistant are still experiencing an old tradition of recording, where it consumes more space, time, paper and other problem redundancy to find/store the patient?s information. One of the most vital institution that need a computerized recording are Clinics.
The patient will be ask by the dental aide and done just by recording the patient?s name, age, birthday and gender. After the recording the patient will undergo treatment done by the dentist. And when it through, the treatment which is done for the patient will also be listed to his/her summary of information with his/her last treatment to the clinic, to be able to identify the last dental treatment.
The Clinic Management System is divided into two, where the admin and user can be login separately. The Admin is the one that can add, delete and change about the user?s information and also about the patient?s information. The user, unlike admin is only responsible for keeping/recording about the patient?s information. The Clinic Management System can view the master list of all the patient?s details. The computerized system is not only responsible for recording the details about the patient, it also provide an information about the hired stuff/assistant. It can also provide a printed copy of the master list.

Problem Statement
A. Manual Recording takes space, time and more paper.
B. Manual Recording lacks the ability to auto-sort records.
C. Manual Records can easily be mishandled.
D. Quality of the Paper Record.
E. Dependent on Good Individuals.
F. Duplication of Data Entry.

Problem Context
Manual Recording System, even in today?s world can still provide an effective and useful way to record and deliver an efficient information system. But it lacks the ability to auto-sort the records. Employees will have to do it manually and takes time to properly arrange the records. Another concern is the issue of quality of the paper record. There are limitations to the quality of the paper record. Paper is fragile and does not last permanently. Normal use of the record may result in torn or stained documents. Also, over the years, ink used to complete documentation can easily fade which result in information?s being erased. Staff hired to assemble, file, retrieve, or distribute the hard copy is a costly expense.
The Clinic Management System (CMS) is designed and developed to guarantee the removal of various problem or to eliminate the problem of redundant that was increase the inefficiencies in data to be retrieve. These keeping of records were caused by the data, under the manual recording system was entered into books and paper files and was later stored in overcrowded storage rooms that may be made the retrieval of records close to impossible due to the manual system.

Project Description
Having a computer system nowadays is very important including those small businesses to help them and make their business more competitive. One of the business that needs a computer system is Dental Clinic. Dental Clinic is a facility that care for the teeth for outpatient.
The Clinic Management System (CMS) will help the clinic to keep and managed the personal records of the patient. Recording patient information is one of the important aspect of dental institution. There are Dental Clinic that records manually that?s why it is very time consuming and more paper works. Clinic Management System is design to help the employee in recording the patient?s record and will change the manual record into computerized records.
This system will also ensures the preservation of personal records and ensure the accessibility only by the authorized personnel. To have a good and efficient records management system should be able to incorporate specific aspects of the systems mentioned above in order to provide and efficient means of records storage and management.
Project Goals and Objectives
General Objective
The general objective is to design and develop a Clinic Management System (CMS) for Dental Clinic to improve and make the system from manual to computerized that would enable the clinic for faster and more efficient storage, retrieval and updating of the clinic?s record.?

Clinic Management System Seminar Reports

Specific Objective
The project?s specific objectives were;

  • To carry out the system problem for the possibility of developing a Clinic Management System for improving and modernization of the system.
  • To design and develop a Clinic Management System for the dental clinic.
  • To test and validate the Clinic Management System for the dental clinic.
  • To implement the Clinic Management System for the dental clinic.

Project Scope
Clinic Management System was primarily developed to improve the clinic?s system for storing data or information about the patient and the employee.
The system was focused on moving the manual system into computerized system that update and also accommodates the process of viewing and storing information about the patient and also for the employee that is also responsible for records. The system also deal with searching capability procedure of recorded patient and employee which helps the user for easy retrieval of the records.
Clinic Management System Seminar Reports

Download your Full Reports for Clinic Management SystemClinic Management System

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