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At these times, people are prone to sickness and it’s human nature to take care of one’s health.  Undergoing medical examinations are part of human life to prevent and cure ourselves from sickness. Clinics and hospitals play a big role and have a great significance in our lives. Without these when people get sick, people won’t be able to do their tasks which is a responsibility and duty for their own good. Issues like slow improvement and processing of hospitals and clinics are complaints of the majority. And because of this, the researchers would like to develop and implement a system, a Clinical Information System, that could lessen the slow processing in clinics.
The researchers have chosen Poly Clinic as their pilot agency because they want to help and improve the way of implementing the processors inside the clinic. Their purpose is not just to help the clinic but also to put the patients under consideration and make something at their convenience.
            A system related to this system is the hospital Informative System (HIS). This system is usually used in big hospitals like Mariano Marcos Medical Center. On the other hand, Clinical Information System (CIS) is used for clinics or small areas of hospitals.


 This study generally aims to design and develop a Clinical Information System for Poly Clinic. Specifically, it is aimed to conduct researches in order to gather information for the development of an appropriate Clinical Information System and use tools, methods and techniques in the analysis, design and implementation of the proposed system.


The Clinical Information System is an improved way to lessen the slow processing of information in the Poly Clinic. This design substitutes the manual recording of information. It implements computerized storing of information. This is improves and provides a faster way of retrieving the information/records stored in the database of system.


This study focused on the development of Clinical Information System.
The system covered the following processes: admission of patient, recording of laboratory tests, recording of diagnosis, recording of prescription and paying bill.

Download your Full Reports for Clinical Information System

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