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This paper identifies the importance of digital library and focuses on the requirements for setting up a digital library. Author presents synonym of Digital Library and gives brief definition of Digital Library and quotes some well known definition. He highlights the purposes, need, main components and goal of digital library. Further, he discusses the considerable issues before digitization, highlights the greenstone Library software and the Digitization process.? Again, he explains problems, advantages and disadvantages/problems of the digital library and?? other related issues. In the last he explains digital library as an instrument for social progress.

The convergence of Information Technology profoundly boosted the information explosion and increased the exponential rate of publication, changed the existing phenomena, invented many powerful electronic weapons, and made electronic information affordable. Internet is one of them and? it has? been providing information 24-hours. Now user can access information any time from any corner of the Universe.? We must understand that Internet? is also? a kind of? digital library where books, articles, journals, reports, latest and current information are being moved around all the time and a carload of new information are entered at the entrance of every hour.? Accessibility, affordability and dependability of Internet has produced the bulk of digital objects and? the collection of? these digital objects? made? the way for Digital Library. The functions of these libraries are totally based on unlimited networks.

????? The concept of digital reality has conceived about 25 years back. The term digital library has got different meanings in different communities, such as "Electronic Library", "Virtual Library", "Library Without Walls", "Computerization of Traditional Library",? "24-Hour Electronic Library", ? ATAEL (All Time Accessible Electronic Library?, "World Library",


"Internet Library",? "An Electronic Version of a Public Library".? Digital? Library can? be taken as a synonym for "Computer Readable Library" also.

???? Digital Library is a not a single entity. It is collection of organized digital objects which are available online on large number of distributed networks (these networks are very fast where
data transmits with a? high speed)? which are connected to each other.

????? Digital libraries are the repositories of huge volumes of homogeneous electronic data with primitive access to the large number of users. Information are stored in digital, analog? integrated text,? audio, video, sound and graphics".

???? R. R. Larson considered?? "Digital library as a global virtual library and the library of thousands of networked electronic libraries".

???? ODLIS (Online Dictionary of Library and Information Science has defined Digital Library? "A library in which a significant proportion of the resources are available in machine-readable format, as opposed to print or microform. In libraries, the process of digitization began with the catalog, moved to periodical indexes and abstracting services, then to periodicals and large reference works, and? has now reached book publishing


Purposes? & need of Digital Library

?? Success of the digital libraries in developed countries? has? drawn the our? attention towards the digital library.?? While going for a digital library many questions come to our mind such as why we are digitizing?? Will it fulfill our needs & many other questions? Answers of some of these are mentioned below: -

  • To improve the quality? & quantity of library services
  • To promote the economical and efficient delivery of information.
  • To encourage the resource sharing
  • To make lifelong depository
  • For the sake of democracy, education etc.
  • For the sake of? "Good Life".
  • To encourage the communication & collaboration between and among? government, research, academic and special libraries
  • Open access to users
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • To put the digital material online. So, these materials can? be found and used easily.
  • To make digital material more broadly, quickly and efficiently accessible
  • Portability of documents
  • Accessible on World Wide Web (www)

Main components of Digital Library


???? Digital Library is the collection of the multimedia objects which are linked together and are available online for? use and these? digital objects form a digital library.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Main Components of a digital library

  • Information in text on paper
  • Video pictures/clippings
  • Graphics
  • ?Images
  • Photographs
  • Audio (Sound)
  • Information in Digital form

In simple words we can say that Digital Libraries are based on Multimedia Technology. Therefore some expert calls it High Speed Network of Multimedia Systems.

Goal of a Digital Library: Act as a specialized repository


??????? The broad goal of a Digital Library? is to? collect, store, organize, the digital objects and use widely distributed knowledge resources containing diverse types of information and content stored in different electronic form and put them online for its user.

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