EPICS - Electromechanical Human-machine interaction

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New interactive computing applications are continually being developed in a bid to support people?s changing work and recreational activities. As research focuses on one particular class of interactive systems, high level models of interaction are formulated and requirements emerge that reflect shared features or common functionality among those systems.?

Within this seminar a new class of interactive system is identified, based on shared requirements for detection, processing and presentation of human physiological information.?

We have named these systems electro physiologically interactive computer systems (EPICS) and describe in this report both the physiological and technological details behind their operation.

The technology behind this system is really a combination of physiological sensing techniques with interactive computer applications. A review is presented of existing research and development into this exciting new area of human-computer interaction. It is envisaged that the work presented in this seminar will serve as a jumping off point for others interested in exploring the potential of incorporating physiological information into the human-machine relationship.

 Download the full Reports for EPICS - Electromechanical Human-machine interaction

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