Itanium Processor

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The Itanium brand extends Intel?s reach into the highest level of computing enabling powerful servers and high- performance workstations to address the increasing demands that the internet economy places on e-business. The Itanium architecture is a unique combination of innovative features, such as explicit parallelism, predication, speculation and much more.

In addition to providing much more memory that today?s 32-bit designs, the 64-bit architecture changes the way the processor hardware interacts with code. The Itanium is geared toward increasingly power-hungry applications like e-commerce security, computer-aided design and scientific modeling.

Intel said the Itanium provides a 12-fold performance improvement over today?s 32-bit designs. Its ?Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing?(EPIC) technology enables it to handle parallel processing differently than previous architectures, most of which were designed 10 to 20 years ago. The technology reduces hardware complexity to better enable processor speed upgrades. Itanium processors contain ?massive chip execution resources?, that allow ?breakthrough capabilities in processing terabytes of data?.

Here a sincere attempt is made to explore the architecture feature and performance characteristic of Itanium processor. A brief explanation on the system environment and their computing applications is also undertaken.

 Download the Full Report For Itanium Processor

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