LIDAR-Light Detection And Ranging

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?LIDAR? is the acronym for Light Detection & Ranging. Since the instrument detects and radiates we can simply locate it to RADAR ie, radio detection and ranging. Both have the same working principles, but the only difference between these two is that in the medium used for ranging and detecting. In LIDAR laser is used in the same way as radio waves in RADAR.

LIDAR popularly known as the Laser-Radar uses lasers as the transmitting materials. The laser is back scattered by the target object and the received signal gives not only the range of the object but also gives us an idea about the composition of the object, which is got from its light scattering properties.

The LIDAR technique for detecting and ranging was widely recognized only after the discovery of Ruby Laser by Miaman in 1960. Rapid developments since then in the laser technology, opto electronics and fast signal processing devices have resulted in establishing the potentials of LIDAR?S for a wide variety of atmosphere studies. Different types of LIDARS are being used depending on the type of scattering processes and for type of signal.

  Download your Reports for LIDAR-Light Detection And Ranging

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