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Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture (Windows DNA) is the application development model for the Windows platform. Windows DNA specifies how to: develop robust, scalable, distributed applications using the Windows platform; extend existing data and external applications to support the Internet; and support a wide range of client devices maximizing the reach of an application. Developers are free from the burden of building or assembling the required infrastructure for distributed applications and can focus on delivering business solutions.

Windows DNA addresses requirements at all tiers of modern distributed applications: presentation, business logic, and data. Like the familiar PC environment, Windows DNA enables developers to build tightly integrated applications by accessing a rich set of application services in the Windows platform using a wide range of familiar tools. These services are exposed in a unified way through the Component Object Model (COM). Windows DNA provides customers with a roadmap for creating successful solutions that build on their existing computing investments and will take them into the future. Using Windows DNA, any developer will be able to build or extend existing applications to combine the power and richness of the PC, the robustness of client/server computing, and the universal reach and global communications capabilities of the Internet.

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