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Training plays a very important role in an organisation. It helps in increasing the knowledge level.
As we know that we can change only what we can control, it is important that the training is imparted in a correct and effective manner. Here we are considering the pros and cons of face to face or classroom learning and of e-learning.
Face-to-face means ?being in the presence of another? or ?in person?. The traditional method of teaching and learning is synchronous and typically involves the employment of a classroom where the professor and students interact face-to-face with one another within a certain time and space.
The traditional classroom method has been one of the most proven and widely accepted way of teaching students over the years. The whole classroom system was started with an idea of providing knowledge to students on face-to-face basis.

A few advantages of this method are:

  1. The most important advantage is that the message can be communicated in the most efficient and effective manner on a face-to-face basis.
  2. Since the teacher and students get together to share knowledge, the level of interaction and participation is very high in this method.
  3. Students are privy to in-person classroom interaction and gain immediate feedback from the teacher and other students through questions and discussions.
  4. Students work together in person on assignments, test reviews and class projects.
  5. The ability to network with teachers and other students in your field is a valuable benefit associated with a face-to-face education.
  6. Other than that, the physical environment is created in this method for learning since students have to come together at a particular place and at particular time to get the knowledge. For some of the courses, it is important to have the physical class meeting so that students can have better clarity about the subject matter and improve the understanding in that particular course.
  7. Apart from that the traditional classroom method is recognized and valued all over the world when it comes to getting a job.


This method of education has few drawbacks as well. A significant drawback is that face- to-face education is highly teacher-driven. Students may easily assume a passive role during the lesson, in a form of dependence on the teacher. Thus, they might become inactive in classes not being able to assimilate much knowledge.
Also when there is a large number of students in the classroom the amount of personal attention a student can get from the teacher or instructor is almost negligible.

 Download your Full Reports for E Learning Technology


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