Efficeon Processor


The Transmeta family of Efficeon processors are different from every other processor available today. On the surface, the Efficeon processor runs all x86-based operating systems and software applications just like other x86 processors. Under the hood, the architecture driving the Efficeon processor provides a level of engineering and optimization that surpasses other x86 architectures.

Transmeta, the leader in efficient computing, has rethought microprocessor design from the ground up.

With the next-generation Efficeon family of processors, Transmeta ushers in a new era of energy efficient computing. The Efficeon processor, designed from the start to increase performance and responsiveness, addresses the ever-growing demand for power-efficient x86 solutions.

With features including three new high-performance I/O interfaces, a faster engine with wider execution paths, a fully re-engineered instruction set, and higher frequency capabilities, the Efficeon processor is built to deliver more performance than the Crusoe processor while maintaining Transmeta?s proven energy efficiency



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