GSM Based Patient Monitoring System


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GSM based Patient Health Monitoring Project mainly works for allowing doctors or relatives of patient to check the status of patient health remotely. The system calculates the heartbeats and body temperature of patient and if it goes above certain limit then immediate informative alert message will be sent to the registered number. For this system we used AVR Family Microcontroller which is interfaced with LCD display , heartbeat sensor, temperature sensor. The GSM based Patient health monitoring system works with GSM modem to send the data remotely to the registered number, system powered by 12V transformer. The system also featured with manual health button using that the patient with some other issues will also able to contact with doctor so, the system is very helpful for saving life of patient. The system also introduced a function through which a doctor will able to check the status of patient after a certain interval of time by sending message. The system efficiently updates doctor about health of patient as well as accurately calculates the health parameter of patient.

Hardware Specifications

  • Atmega328 Microcontroller
  • LCD Display
  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Transformer
  • GSM Modem
  • Buzzer
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes  

Software Specifications

  • Arduino Compiler
  • MC Programming Language: Embedded C


The main objective is to design a Patient Monitoring System to diagnose the health condition of the patients.? Giving care and health assistance to the bed ridden patients at critical stages with advanced medical facilities have become one of the major problems in the modern hectic world. In hospitals where a large number of patients whose physical conditions have to be monitored frequently as a part of diagnostic procedure, the need for a cost effective and fast responding alert mechanism is inevitable. Proper implementation of such systems can provide timely warnings to the medical staffs and doctors and their service can be activated in case of medical emergencies. Present-day systems use sensors that are hardwired to a PC next to the bed. The use of sensors detects the conditions of the patient and the data is collected and transferred using a microcontroller. Doctors and nurses need to visit the patient frequently to examine his/her current condition. In addition to this, use of multiple microcontroller based intelligent system provide high level applicability in hospitals where a large number of patients have to be frequently monitored. For this, here we use the idea of network technology with wireless applicability, providing each patient a unique ID by which the doctor can easily identify the patient and his/her current status of health parameters. Using the proposed system, data can be sent wirelessly to the Central Patient Monitoring System (CPMS), allowing continuous monitoring of the patient. Contributing accuracy in measurements and providing security in proper alert mechanism give this system a higher level of customer satisfaction and low cost implementation in hospitals. Thus the patient can engage in his daily activities in a comfortable atmosphere where distractions of hardwired sensors are not present. Physiological monitoring hardware can be easily implemented using simple interfaces of the sensors with a Microcontroller and can effectively be used for healthcare monitoring. This will allow development of such low cost devices based on natural human-computer interfaces. The system we proposed here is efficient in monitoring the different physical parameters of many number bedridden patients and then in alerting the concerned medical authorities if these parameters bounce above its predefined critical values. Thus remote monitoring and control refers to a field of industrial automation that is entering a new era with the development of wireless sensing devices.



The project ?PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM? has been successfully designed and tested.? It has been developed by integrating features of all the hardware components used. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully thus contributing to the best working unit. Secondly, using highly advanced IC?s and with the help of growing technology the project has been successfully implemented.


Download your Full Reports for GSM Based Patient Monitoring System GSM Based Patient Monitoring System Full Seminar Report and PPT

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