Grounding System

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GROUNDING SYSTEM (earthing systems)
Purpose of the grounding system is the connecting parts of electrical equipment which in normal circumstances is not energized. The purpose is to limit the voltage earthing system on parts of the equipment that is not energized and between these parts with the ground, so that was reached a safe value for all operating conditions.
Earthing system is useful for obtaining a uniform tension and to gain back the short-circuit current to ground has a low resistance.
Earthing system supporting materials:
1. Grounding conductor (BC50)
2. Rod electrodes
3. Other components such as Clamp, Jointing etc.
4. Bak Control.
Since the first lightning has many adverse human damage. The increasing use of electronic equipment and low voltage equipment today has increased the number of statistical damage from lightning strikes, either directly or indirectly.
Lightning strike at distant places even been able to damage electronic systems and equipment, such as the installation of a computer network, telecommunication devices such as PABX and modems, system control, transmitter equipment and instruments, as well as other sensitive electronic equipment.
To overcome this problem, appropriate protection should be provided and installed on the equipment or the installation of a lightning strike hazards directly or induction.
In addition to the case of a lightning strike is a natural phenomenon, many also cause damage to electronic equipment and other low voltage equipment caused by the failure of distribution transformers PLN, where the received voltage exceeds the voltage that should be streamed.
The more and more sophisticated electronic / electrical equipment used causes the growing complexity of system protection required. That's needed serious treatment in planning electrical installation, earthing systems and protection systems to minimize the possibility of interference and damage as mentioned above.
As it should be realized that all costs associated with the installation of electrical, grounding system and protection system that is able to provide comprehensive protection solutions, is worth the relatively small when compared to the investment value of electronic equipment, buildings, availability of services, and especially human safety.

I. Preliminary
GroundSys is a business that specializes in electrical installation planning services, grounding system and protection system, which aims to provide a comprehensive solution in the form of protection of electronic equipment, buildings, availability of services, and human safety against possible electrical shock hazards and damage caused by lightning / voltage excess.
Keywords of all our activities is the Grounding System (Grounding System), which we then made our name for the container activities, and shortened to GroundSys.
The purpose of the system is the equipment grounding connection parts of electrical equipment which in normal circumstances is not energized.
Objective grounding system is to limit the voltage on the parts that are not energized equipment and between these parts with the ground, until they reached a safe value for all operating conditions, both normal conditions and during disturbances.
At the time of the fault, the fault current is applied to the soil will cause a voltage difference across the soil surface due to ground resistance.
Earthing system is useful for obtaining a uniform voltage potential in a structural and equipment, as well as to obtain the reverse current to ground disturbance hubung-singkat/arus that has low resistance. Because if the fault current to flow to ground imposed by a high resistance, then it will cause a large voltage difference that can be harmful.

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I. 1. Rationale
The development of electronic devices today is moving very rapidly into the digital age, in which the components are very sensitive to electrical conditions, so absolutely necessary electrical power source that is really good.
In general, not only in the form of electrical interference blackout, but also other disorders that often result in electrical transformers on fire, loss of data, short relationships, accelerate tool wear due to excessive heat, and others.
To overcome the problems mentioned above, the electrical installation must be done properly and in accordance with the rules of the general requirements of electrical installations issued by the competent authority and refers to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).
Electrical protection system is a standard that should always be applied to any electrical installation, while the lightning protection system which includes external and internal lightning protection is applied based on the needs of the level of protection required.
Lightning is a natural phenomenon that happened can not be avoided, but humans were given the ability to minimize the impact of the danger posed. Advances in technology arestor voltage and current arestor has enabled the implementation of the concept of the potential equation, and the implementation of internal lightning protection system is right, advanced installation damage inside the building can be avoided

I. 2. Aims and Objectives
We at GroundSys translate client needs and provide more value in terms of security, in the form of comprehensive protection for electronic equipment investment, construction, service availability, and safety of humans, which are all included in the standard installation GroundSys as follows:
1. GroundSys installation to prevent damage / loss caused by stress and / or excessive current in the case of lightning strikes, failure of distribution transformers PLN, or inadvertently direct contact with a cable that has a higher voltage, the system implementation and system protection proper grounding and planned.
2. GroundSys installation aims to optimize the electrical system to avoid interference that can affect the overall power quality, and ensure the good functioning of the electrical installation in accordance with the intent of its use.
3. GroundSys installation aims to provide assurance of safety from electrical shock hazards, good protection from direct and indirect touch, as well as protection against excessive temperatures that could result in fire, burns or other injury effects.
Planning requires a measurement of the characteristics of earthing system ground resistance values ??varying from one region to the other location location. The measurement results obtained from a referenced data base of overall planning, in order to determine the target of achieving a safe value for all operating conditions, both normal conditions and during disturbances, which in turn is applied to all types of system installations, both electrical, as well as the protection system .
II. Problems and Consequences and Remedies
Some of the problems and effects of electrical interference to electronic equipment are as follows:
1. Blackouts: Total loss of AC power for 1 cycle or longer, usually lost more than 20 milliseconds. Result in damage to hardware and software, and the possibility of data loss.
2. Fluctuations: Voltage rise over the voltage down from 220V or 220V. Cause damage to the power supply circuit is very critical of the input voltage.
3. Line Noise: noise disturbance in the power grid. Result in damage to the logic circuit, the data file, also undermine the accuracy and precision of measurement printout of a process.
4. SAGs: voltage drop of more than half the nominal voltage for a few seconds. Resulting in disruption of work due to the power supply input voltage does not reach the minimum threshold required.
5. Surges: Usually caused by significant changes in the load on the power grid. Resulting electrical component wear, which will have an impact on equipment damage.
6. Spike / Lightning: a high voltage shock, usually caused by induction from the power source / voltage is very high> 200KV, such as lightning. Resulting in wear on electronic components, equipment breakdowns and errors writing data.
II. 1. Countermeasures to System Protection
Prevention with protection system is divided into 2 parts, the electrical protection systems and lightning protection systems, all of which are associated with the procurement of earthing system is the basis of all business procedures to cope with the possible disturbances.
Electrical protection system done by installing protective devices intended to limit overvoltage in buildings that do not have an external lightning protection system installations, and applied based on the item I.2 intents and purposes is the standard installation GroundSys.
In some cases, required procurement lightning protection installation, which includes external protection and internal protection against lightning.
Matters relating to the protection system investment cost is determined by the level of protection required. While the level of protection required is determined by the type, the type and function of the building, the equipment to be protected, as well as the risks that arise in case of failure protection.

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