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Landmines are one of the biggest problems in the terrorist and revolts countries causing a big damage to the human life and wealth. Landmine detectors are the only way to overcome this disastrous creation of man. Landmine detectors helps in locating the actual position of the buried landmines and also to understand the technology used in the landmine for the safely diffusion and removing of landmines. Initially these techniques were not very effective and useful but increase in the use of landmines brings out a boom in the development of the landmine detectors science 1975.
The kernel of this report, deals about an implementation of ?LANDMINE DETECTORS.?

?Landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) are a legacy of war, insurrection, and guerilla activity.?

Landmines kill and maim approximately 26,000 people annually. In Cambodia, whole areas of arable land cannot be farmed due to the threat of landmines. United Nations relief operations are made more difficult and dangerous due to the mining of roads and unfortunately our country is also facing same problem in moists dominated regions.
Current demining techniques are heavily reliant on metal detectors and prodders.?


The pulse generator delivered by SATIS Co. produces 0.8 ?ns ?monocycle pulses. The unique feature of ?this generator is its small trailing oscillations, which are below 2.4% of maximum amplitude during the first ?2 ?ns ?and below ?0.5% ?afterwards. The advantage of ?a monocycle in comparison with a mono pulse is that the frequency spectrum of the first one decreases to zero at low frequencies, which cannot be efficiently transmitted via the antenna system, while the frequency spectrum of the second one has a global maximum there. As a result, the magnitude of the field radiated by an antenna system fed by a monocycle is considerably larger than the magnitude of the field radiated by the antenna system fed by a monopulse with the same magnitude. The generator spectrum covers a wide frequency band from ?500MHz ?till ?2GHz ?on 3dB ?level. At frequencies below ?1GHz, ?attenuation losses in the ground are small and considerable penetration depth can be achieved.

 Download your Reports for Landmine Detection

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