Regulated DC Power Supply

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A dc power supply that maintain the output voltage constant irrespective of the fluctuations in ac mains or variations in load Is known as s regulated power supply. A regulated power supply generally consists of a step down transformer, rectifier circuit, and filter circuit and some voltage devise connected to the input.


Regulated DC Power Supply Full seminar reports
The above block diagram can be drawn as a circuit diagram using bridge rectifier and a zener diode voltage regulated shown in figure.

The function of each block of the regulated power supply is as described blow:

  1. TRANSFORMER- U sally in most of electronic circuits D.C. Voltage requirements for operation of a various electronic equipment is quite less, 3 to 24 volts. This voltage is very small as compared to that obtained from the main ac line. A step down transformer is used for this purpose before rectification to get the voltage of required value. The transformer consists of two windings. The primary winding is connected to a.c 220 v and the required ac voltage is obtained from secondary winding. It works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.
  2. RECTIFIR- Usually, a bridge rectifier is used to convert the ac into pulsating dc the rectifier employed usually a bridge rectifier due to its advantages over any other type of rectifier. Thus the output of the rectifier is pulsating dc.
  3. FILTER- Usually, a filter comprising of capacitors and an inductor is used for filtration of the rectifier output. Filter is used to remove the ripples from the output of rectifier and so smooth it out. The dc output at the filter output is dependent upon the ac mains and applied load. Variation in any of two results in variation of the output. Generally a voltage regulator is employed at the filter output.?



Regulated DC Power Supply Full seminar reports


4. VOLTAGE REGULTOR- Usually, zener or a 78XX or 79XX series IC voltage regulator is employed that keeps the dc output voltage constant even if there is variation in ac or the load.

 Download your Full Reports for Regulated DC Power Supply

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