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A supercapacitor, an ultracapacitor or megacapacitor is a condenser Electrochemical that has an extraordinary capacity to store energy relative to its size when compared to common capacitors. These are of particular interest in automotive applications for supplementary storage for battery electric vehicles.

Such energy storage has several advantages over batteries:
Very high rates of charge and discharge.
Little degradation over hundreds of thousands of cycles.
reversibility good
Low toxicity of the materials used.
High cycle efficiency (95% or more)
The amount of energy stored per unit weight is
considerably lower than that of an electrochemical battery.
The voltage varies with the stored energy. to store
effectively and recover energy is necessary electronic control sophisticated.


How it's done
Carbon nanotubes and polymer, or aerogels (a material of high porosity). It has high surface area carbon, are practical
for supercapacitors. The Aerogel is an extremely lightweight mesoporous solid material derived a gel in which its liquid part was replaced by a gas. The result this process is a solid block with extremely low density and several remarkable properties, among which stands out excellent efficiency as thermal and electric, as well as being solid material lighter than
exists. Due to their physical characteristics (low density, transparency and diffusion of light) this material was nicknamed solid smoke.

In the photo we see a small block of airgel of 2.38 grams sustaining a Brick 2.5 kg. Typically the electrodes of airgel supercapacitors are made of paper nonwoven made ??of carbon fibers and covered with organic airgel then undergoes pyrolysis. The paper is a composite material where the fibers Carbon airgel provide structural integrity and provides a large surface

 Download your Full Reports for Ultracapacitor

The Supercapacitor has two terminals positive and negative> The positive must be connected to the positive battery and car distribution block and the negative the negative battery. So it will load energy. It is best to charge it on battery instead in a power supply desired voltage as well not spend the battery. If polarized the wrong capacitor also burst the electrolytic capacitor.

Already researchers Joel E. Schindall, John G. Kassakian and Riccardo Signorelli, MIT, USA, created using membranes with carbon nanotubes to enhance another type of device energy storage, ultracapacitor called. With the improvements, the new component is likely to replace current batteries. Capacitors store energy as an electrical field, making them more efficient than traditional batteries, which derive their energy from chemical reactions. Already ultracapacitors are storage cells, operating on the same principle capacitors, but able to provide enormous amounts of energy instantly. They are already used in experimental vehicles, especially those driven by a cells fuel.

Until now, however, the ultracapacitors needed to be much larger than batteries to provide the same amount of energy. scientists solved the problem by dealing with the electrical fields at the atomic level. they used a membrane constructed with aligned carbon nanotubes vertically. The storage capacity of an area depends on the ultracapacitor surface of the electrodes. Currently these electrodes are made of carbon activated, an extremely porous, which translates into a huge surface area. But the pores are irregular, which means that this area is not as great as it could be, reducing the efficiency of the ultracapacitor.


Scientists say the technology already hold for manufacturing membranes carbon nanotubes in any format, which may facilitate manufacture of ultracapacitors in the shapes of cells and batteries traditionally used in electronic devices.

environmentally friendly. Almost like one of the first such application real technology may be the ZENN, the ugly two-seater cart photo below. Made in Canada by company namesake, the ZENN - Zero acronym Emission, No Noise (zero emissions, no noise) is an urban electric vehicle golf carts in deluxe version, "street-ready".



We look forward to our learning and our analysis of what study was possible to understand which is a very important technology for technological developments in the scientific world and also to improve convenience and people, and ease and low cost, which soon became axicesivel to all social classes.


So we conclude that a supercapacitor, one or megacapacitor ultracapacitor is an electrochemical capacitor having an extraordinary energy storage capacity relative to its size when compared to common capacitors.


 Download your Full Reports for Ultracapacitor


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