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What is e-Agriculture?
e-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes.?
e-Agriculture involves the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in the rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture.

Mission of e-Agriculture
Mission is to serve as a catalyst for institutions and individuals in agriculture and rural development to share knowledge, learn from others, and improve decision making about the vital role of ICTs to empower rural communities, improve rural livelihoods, and build sustainable agriculture and food security.


We understand that IT is not just computerization of departments. As we have maintained again and again the any IT based intervention devoid of a human goal will never be a success in administration. Acting on these lines only we have introduced IT where it mattered the most. Following two projects will demonstrate our intentions aptly-

        1. IVRS and web based seed and soil testing Information and assistance system

Let us have a look at these projects in a little more detail.
IVRS and web based seed and soil testing Information and assistance system
Gadchiroli is spread over an area of almost 15000 sq kms. From North to South the distance is around 350 Kms. There is only one Soil testing laboratory which is located at the district headquarters in Gadchiroli. For any kind of seed or soil testing the farmers have to travel great distances and go through a lot of inconvenience. To ameliorate this situation we decided to automate the whole procedure of Soil testing.

The sample of soils are collected by the Agricultural assistants in the villages and a PNR number is issued to the farmer and affixed on the soil sample. This sample is then taken to the central soil testing laboratory. Along with the soil sample a whole lot of information is taken from the farmer regarding his farming practices. A user account of the farmer is opened and all the information relating to him is stored in this account. All this information is fed into the central database. After testing of the soil sample the results are uploaded in the user account of the farmer. The farmer can access these results from anywhere over the internet or by simply dialing the contact number of the IVRS based system which is programmed to operate in local languages like Hindi, Marathi, Madia


 Download your Full Reports for eAriculture


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