Wind Diesel System

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A wind-diesel hybrid system combines wind turbine(s)with diesel generator(s) to obtain a maximum contribution by the intermittent wind resource while providing continuous high quality electric power.

Reduce system fossil fuel consumption

?? The more energy you use from your non-renewable utility provider, the more these non-renewable resources are wasted and the more harm is done to the environment.


?? Wind power is expected to be economically attractive, but wind power generation is variable and unpredictable. The hybrid wind power with diesel generation has been suggested (Hunter, 1994) and (Lipmann, 1989) to handle the problem above. A hybrid wind diesel system is very reliable because the diesel acts as a cushion to take care of variation in wind speed and would always maintain an average power equal to the set point.

AC Based Hybrid System

?Low penetration systems -Wind acts as a negative load, very little control or integration of wind turbines into the power system is needed.

?Medium penetration systems -Wind becomes a major part of the power system but diesel engines still provide much of the system power control. Additional components and limited supervisory control required to assist diesels in maintaining power quality.

?High penetration systems -Completely integrated power system with advanced control. Diesel generators shut off when not needed. Limited operational control of system by plant staff.

Low Penetration System:

?Generally easy integration with existing diesel system, little or no diesel modifications required.

?Diesel engines provide all frequency, voltage and reactive power control requirements.

?Switch gear would need to be modified to add turbines and turbine control software installed.

?Modest fuel savings of up to ~20% possible

Download your Full Reports for Wind Diesel System


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