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The Automobile sector in India has experienced a faster rate of growth in the recent years. Indian Auto makers have stepped forward by operating globally. The Motor Industry registered a growth rate of 22% till September 2006.
Now the growth percentage has increased 25 % (cur 57%)
Indian Automobile Industry
Largest three wheeler market in the world
2nd largest two wheeler market in the world
4th largest passenger vehicle market in Asia
4th largest tractor market in the world
5th largest commercial vehicle market in the world
11th largest place in production of trucks
The Power Of Dreams?.
Product line
Honda Motor Cycles
Honda Unicorn
Honda Shine
Honda Scooters
Honda Dio
Honda Activa
Accord (1976-present)
Acty (1977-present)
Airwave (2005-present)
Caren (1990)
City (1981-present)
Civic (1972-present)
CR-Z, a hybrid electric vehicle (2011)
Civic Hybrid (2003-present)
CR-V (1996-present)
Crosst our (2010-present)
Edix (2004-present)
Element (2003-present)
Elysion (2004-present)
FCX, a fuel cell vehicle [1] (2008-)
FR-V, a 6 seater (2004-present)
Fit Aria (1981-present)
Takashi Nagai is President & CEO, Honda
Honda employs approximately 180,000 employees who work at 35 major manufacturing industries located throughout Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France.
The U.K. Honda's consolidated revenue for FY2009 of 10,011.2 billion ? (5,477.61 billion Rs.)makes it one of the world's largest 100 companies by revenue. Although
Honda is one of the largest companies in Japan, it still trails behind its perennial leader Toyota Motor ?(refer 12slide). The company operates in four main segments: Motorcycle Business, Automobile Business, Financial Services Business, and Power Product & Other Business?.
The Honda FCX looks like a slightly futuristic version of a blend of cars, especially those made by Honda Motor Co. But by one particular yardstick, the car is special -- it doesn't run on fossil fuel. Instead, a fuel cell car uses hydrogen.
Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.
SWOT analysis
High and powerful research and development R&D
Best market share leadership
Strong and powerful brand equity
Different and unique products
Cost structure of Honda is high as compare to other automobile manufacturers
In truck line, Honda Company is not offering strong products and proposals
Honda focus more on international deposits as compare to domestic deposits
Honda has the best opportunity to use its R&D in producing cars according to the needs and demands of their customer. This is only possible because of the increase in demand for less pollution cars.
Emerging market is one of the best opportunity for this company
Honda can increase its production by focusing on sales and research
Honda also focus on the compact type of cars
One of the major threat is the economic slowdown
All the external changes for instance taxes, politics as well as government are the major threats for Honda Company
Another threat is the lower cost competitors
Price war is also consider as an important threat for this company
Second movers are the major threat for Honda company
Additional information about Honda
Honda began by manufacturing piston rings in November 1937. He quickly became a sub-contractor to Toyota, and then expanded into other engine parts.
On September 24, 1948 the Honda Motor Co. was founde



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