Job Placement & Event Management
1. System Analysis
a. Introduction to System :-
Ask41 Placement & Event Management is an online website for recruitment of manpower for different companies for all over Gujarat.
Our recruitment services include all the employees required from bottom level to top management.
Information Technology,
Service Industry
And Many more
This website generally deals with providing for job seeker through this system. The Candidate can easily get contact with the organization. For this purpose candidate has to register on this website.
When candidate register this website they have to give their complete details and skills they possess. Thus a resume is generated by this detail s that is seen by company.
In the same way companies have to give complete requirement of jobs they are providing. By this both company and candidate communicate with each other.
This website also helps to provide services for event management which includes events like
Corporate Events
Birthday party
Ground and Live Events
Wedding Management
Product launches Event
Event Production
Commercial Event Managers / Organizers
2. System Overview :-
We have developed the Online Job Portal which is useful to jobseeker and employers.
Jobseeker can post his/her resume and can select one or many plan.
Jobseeker can search appropriate jobs by advance search technique or by other searching technique.
Employers can post one or many jobs on the site or can select one or many plans.
Administration can maintain details of jobseeker and employer.
There are 3 modules in the system.
3. Limitation of Existing System :-
Every details was maintained by registers.
Documents were posted through office to register.
This system was not computerizing so candidates have to fill up forms manually and to visit companies. So it is time consuming.
In this system when you send your resume in company reply was not fast.
3. Proposed System :-
Objective :-
Provide user friendly environment.
Maximum data validation.
Proposed system provides quick search and retrievals.
Provides placement details.
Advantage of proposed system :-
The registered company can enter employee requirements or vacancy online.
The candidate sends the resume to placement firm online.
In the jobseeker plan, jobseeker can do different type of search in the website searches like :-
Search Job by Job Category
Search Job by Job Location
Quick Search
4. Administrator manages all activities of company and candidate, and served as means of communication between them.
5. Highlights the company details on main screen which easily understandable for candidate
Hardware Requirement :-
Intel?s Pentium Based Processor. Minimum of 43.3 MHz 650 MHz
256 MB or more RAM recommended.
Currently available HARDDRIVE with 80 GB, the system runs efficiently on even 10 GB HARDDRIVE.
Software Requirement :-
Front End Tools :- ASP. Net, C#, Ajax Toolkit 3.0
Back End Tools :- SQL Express
Report Tool :- Crystal Report
2. Tools to be used
Visual Studio 2008 with C# as frontend
SQL Server 2005 as backend(Express Edition)
Ajax Toolkit control
Java Script
E-R Diagram
Data Flow Diagram(0? level)
DFD 1st Level
Process Specification
Login process
Registration Process
Job Profile Process
Job Requirement Analysis Process
Job Searching Process
Generate Report Process
Event Enquiry Process
4. Form Layout
Admin Side Pages
Company Side Pages
Candidate Side Pages




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