Automobile Air Conditioning

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Twenty five years ago air conditioning in cars was rare and driving in summer was nothing short of sweaty experience.? There was only a handful technicians who could install AC units on Indian car and also maintain imported car A.C. One opening the bonnet of car one could recognise who has installed that particular unit as good as recognising a friends handwriting.
???????????????????????????? The use of refrigeration and air conditioning for transporting purpose proves to be very advantageous. Air conditioning is very much used in cars i.e. Automobiles, railways, aeroplanes, and ships.? The use of air conditioning in automobiles is a luxury in India but it is commonly used in western countries to provide better human comfort.
???????????????????????????? Today automobile air conditioning has acquired a growing market.?? The AC in automobiles is a need of persons who are suffering from the hot climate in India which may be carry about 8 to 10 months per year. The new cars are so designed as to accommodate A.C. in its cabin. Maruti 800,? Maruti 1000, Premier 118NE Contessa Classic, Tata? Instat.,? Tata Siera , Opel Astra, Ford? and? Mercedes Bens are some of the models which are having A.C. system.
???????????????????????????? Automobile air conditioning system works on the principle of vapour compression refrigeration cycle and employees R12 as refrigerant to run the system
???????????????????????????? The following factors are controlled by A.C.? which leads to human comfort.

1) Heating of cabin,
2) Cooling,
3) Circulation of air,
4) Cleaning and filtering,
5) Humidity control.

???????????????????????????? As? per? the standards the temperature at? 250 C? and humility? of? 50% R.H. is? maintained? to? provide? better comfort.? This can be achieved very easily in a? room? or office? but? it? is? very? difficult? to? maintain?? such temperature and R.H. factor because of different? sources of? heat? addition to the automobile system.? This? heat sources are stated later.


???????????????????????????? All? modern? cars are equipped with? multiflow? A.C. systems whereby we can channel the airflow to your face, feet or the wind screen. It is recommended that the? face position? only be used. This channels the air trough? the front vent in the facia to occupants seating in the? rare seat most effectively. vehicle? is? owner? driven or when there are only two occupants? in the car;, both seating in the? front.? Since the feet are the most sensitive to the temperature,? when the? airflow? is set in this position? it? provides? very effective??? cooling?? to?? the?? occupant.,?? The? wind screen position? should be used only when the A.C. is? off and the heater is on This? position enables, the hot? air from the heater to strike the windscreen on the? outside.
The? feet? only position should be? used? when? the heater is on. When hot air is let out, in this position ,it? rises? and heats the car? compartment? evenly.? Another control lever is a multiflow system is the? adjustment? for fresh air intake and the recycling of air. The fresh? air-intake? and the recycling of air. The fresh air? position allows? outside air to enter the? passenger? compartment, including exhaust fumes.
The persons seating in a car can adjust the position of knob, which controls the cooling effect to be provided. If more cooling is desired. He can adjust the knob and he will? get the more cool., If less cooling is needed he? can minimises the cooling effect. If he is unintrested to run AC? he can stop the A.C. unit.
The major components like evaporator compressor and expansion valve are the same as are utilise in common room AC system such as power source, types of controls, component design capacity, etc.

 Download your Full Reports for Automobile Air Conditioning


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