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The aim of the project is to design and fabrication of hydro pneumatic suspension system. Now a day’s comfort and control are two major aspects in field of design and manufacturing. At present condition   spring and damper system are used as shock absorber in automobiles. As concerned to   comport and control   their system are lagging to provide optimum level of performance. With view of increase the comfort and control hydro pneumatic suspension system introduced to fulfill the requirement of modern days. This seminar intended to explain the resurgence of interest in the suspension system in recent year and outline the significant challenges that lay a head in commercializing suspension system.


Pneumatic Suspension System Seminar Reports


The Suspension system suspension system installs easily into the front of the vehicle. A new engine cradle connects the front suspension to the car body using the original factory mounting hardware, creating a drop-in replacement module. Suspension system's front suspension modules use a modified MacPherson strut layout and the rear suspension modules use a double-wishbone linkage to attach a hydro pneumatic motor between the vehicle body and each wheel. Torsion springs are used to support the weight of the vehicle. In addition, the Suspension system suspension includes a wheel damper at each wheel to keep the tire from bouncing as it rolls down the road. Unlike conventional dampers, which transmit vibrations to the vehicle occupants and sacrifice comfort, the wheel damper in the Suspension system operates without pushing against the car body, maintaining passenger comfort.

Download your Full Reports for Pneumatic Suspension SystemPneumatic Suspension System Full Seminar Report and PPT

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