Solar Energy

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Solar energy is one of the known renewable forms of energy with its source being the sun. However, reports have risen in the past over the status of the solar energy utilization in Australia for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. The International energy Agency solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA-SHC) has seen potential for solar thermal collectors to contribute to the commercial and industrial sectors. Consequently, there have been objectives on gearing this project forward. Firstly, solar heat is needed for industrial processes that is, to help improve on the conditions for the market Introduction of solar heating system for industrial application in order to promote a reduction in fossil energy consumption and thereby develop an environmentally friendly way of industrial production.

The IEA recognises that the current use of solar thermal collectors in the industrial and commercial sectors are insignificant compared to residential and swimming pool heating. According to statistics, Australia as a continent has the highest average amount of solar energy per square metre per year compared to the other continents, with the range of 1500 to 1900 kWh/m2/yr. Despite the abundance of the resource and the presence of a mature collector industry, Australia?s solar thermal activity compared to many other countries is very low with an approximation of about seven precent of the homes having solar water heating forms of energy. On the contrary, greenhouse gas emissions per capita in Australia are amongst the highest in the world, and the federal government is committed to reduce these emissions in line with other OECD countries. This commitment means that all opportunities must be taken to implement solar technologies.

?The oil shocks of 1970s led to spiraling crude oil prices in the world market which prompted planners to view energy security as an issue of national strategic importance. Energy security has an important bearing on achieving national economic development goals and improving the quality of life of the people. World?s dependence on crude oil will continue for most part of the 21st century but the continued dependence on crude oil is loaded against it with inherent price volatility linked to finite global reserves. In addition, global warming, caused largely by greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel energy generating systems, is also a major concern. So, there is a need to develop alternate fuels like non-conventional sources, considering the aforesaid two concerns.

This paper describes about the solar energy, one of the non-conventional sources and different ways of using it to convert to electric energy.

As the power demand is going on increasing day-by-day, it is responsible for our engineers to make it available as per the demand. Many of the power generating plant are using non-renewable sources as their primary source. But these may become extinct at any time and before facing the situation we have to choose an alternative to avoid the power crisis. One of the best alternatives is choosing Non-conventional sources like Solar energy, Wind Energy, Tidal energy, Bio-mass energy etc as the primary sources for power generation in power stations. The power from these sources is several times greater than the one, which we are using at the present. Out of these energy sources, the best one which suits for our country is the Solar energy.


??????????? The power from the sun intercepted by the earth is approximately 1.8*1011 MW, which is many thousands of times larger than the present consumption rate on the earth of all commercial energy sources. Thus if we convert this to other forms of energy, it may be one of the most promising of the non- conventional energy resources.

As we know that the tropic of cancer passes midway through the earth, our country is one of hottest country in the world after the continent Africa. There are some places in the country where the mercury level raises upto 500c during summer. So, if we use this energy as the primary source for generation almost every house in our country can have power supply and is available at very reasonable cost.

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