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  1. Bio Fuel
  2. Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
  3. Mass Rapid Transit System
  4. Mobile Vertual Network Operator - MVNO
  5. Data Mining Knowledge Discovery in Databases
  6. 132KV Switchyard
  7. Common Rail Diesel Injection
  8. Home Automation
  9. Machine Vision Technology
  10. Laser Ignition System
  11. Cellphone Operated Land Rover
  12. Solar Sail
  13. Anti Lock Braking System
  14. Cruise Missile Technology
  15. Magnetic Levitation
  16. Projection TV using DMD & GLV Chips
  17. Ocean Thermal Energy
  18. Magnetic Refrigeration
  19. Twin Spark Technology
  20. Maze Solving Robot
  21. Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B)
  22. Delay Tolerant Networks
  23. Aqua Silencer
  24. Nanorobotics
  25. Thermal Barrier Coating
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