With all the excitement surrounding the new iPhone model, interested users figured out by now if they want iPhone 4S and if they should sign a two-year contract with a carrier, what capacity should have their new iPhone. The only thing to decide is the color, and the fact there are only two choices doesn?t seem to make it any easier.

The white iPhone 4 version was released only in April this year, months after the black iPhone 4 was put on the market. There were speculations at the time that Apple postponed the sell for the white model because the company tested UV protection for longer than expected in order to avoid discoloration. Users observed that after six months, white iPhone 4 looks brand new, without any change of color but some say it is too soon to tell if the situation will maintain. However, white is a brighter option and makes colorful cases look sleeker. Besides, it seems that Apple produces less white units and the owners of white iPhones can have a sense of exclusivity and be sure to stand out in a crowd.

black white iphone 4s

Some would say that being obvious is not the best feature for a smartphone. There are users who don?t want to be distracted by the bright white frame when using their iPhone. There is a reason why most of the TV sets are black and that is not to divert attention from what is going on display.

Besides the matters of taste, when choosing between white or black iPhone 4S version, there is a slight difference in the body. The white iPhone 4 was thicker than the black model by 0.2 mm, which fitted in Apple? tolerance system. There is no information if the iPhone 4S will have the same dissimilarity , and it?s hard to believe that this could cause issues with the cases.

Whatever the option, if you have this dilemma about iPhone 4S it means that the other features are convincing enough and you are already in line for the new Apple device.



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