Recent benchmark testing showed not only that iPhone 4S is indeed twice as fast as iPhone 4, as Apple advertised at the release but other results revealed an interesting hierarchy when it comes to processing performance.

Editors from AnandTech, compiled Apple?s benchmarks and test results from official sources and came up with a graphic comparison between high-end smartphones and tablets that are currently on the market, fighting for supremacy. As AnandTech points out from the very beginning ?all of these tests measure performance of the software stack in addition to the hardware?. Javascript, CPU and GPU were tested and the results showed iPad 2 to be the best device on the market according to standards.

iPhone 4S

When it comes to power, iPad 2, with its dual core processor and sufficient battery, holds the top position. Immediately after, on the second place comes iPhone 4S and AnandTech editors speculate over the difference in performance between two devices that supposedly have the same processor. One of the explanations could be that iPhone 4S has a 800MHz variant, not the same 1GHz chip found in the tablet, but this was not verified yet.

Samsung Galaxy SII gained the third place in this top of the fastest devices, while Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 only reached the fifth place in this ranking.

In SunSpider?s Javascript benchmark, the competition was tight between iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, with iPhone 4S winning by just a few points. GPU testing in GLBenchmark 2.1 showed iPad 2 holding a winning position above all the other devices.

The analysts? eyes are now on the upcoming next-generation Android high-end devices, especially Nexus Prime. A new challenger for the star iPhone 4S can appear any day now?



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