I know, you love your iPhone, you carry it all the time and you want to make the best use of it, right? Well, what better use could you imagine then games to have fun?! And mind you that you don?t need to start forking out money to get those. There are plenty of awesome free iPhone games around, and that?s why we?ve decided to do the research for you and compile this list. Enjoy!

1. Extreme Road Trip

Extreme Road Trip is the number one free iPhone game in the App Store. The game?s goal is to get to the farthest possible distance using a limited amount of gas. Perform stunts to get a nitro boost, which in turn helps you get farther. The only disadvantage is that it only features one environment and that there is no tilt control for the stunts.


2. Siege Hero

Move over, Angry Birds. Siege Hero is a quite similar game that has a different theme. Your goal is to tear hundreds of castles down by tapping the screen to fire. You can unlock treasures and earn gold on each castle and unlock extra levels. The app offers over five hours of free gameplay.

3. Hit the Apple!

The game combines humor and basic physics skills. Basically, it is a bow-shooting game where you have to hit the apple with a bow and arrow. Just make sure to aim the right way to avoid killing the opponent, so do not miss. The difficulty increases as you proceed to another level.

4. Rage HD

Rage is a first-person rail shooting game. It is like a post-apocalyptic game show where hungry mutants are stalking you while you are enduring three levels of the game to obtain ammo and cash. Choose from a variety of weapons to survive the game. You can either use a pistol, shotgun or machine gun.

5. FreeAppWin

Use this game to discover paid apps that are offered for free daily. You can also enter contests where you can win up to $200 daily. You can also acquire bonus contest entries by telling your friends about it. Take note that a random winner is picked for each day. For more information, you can read the app?s terms and conditions.

6. Crack your Screen Simulator

Do you want to pull a simple prank on your friends? Then you should try this app. All you need to do is to download and install this app on your friend?s iPhone and tap the screen to make it look like it has been broken. Multi-tap feature also included.

7. Milk the Cow

Milk a cow to death by downloading and using this app. This game allows you to check how fast you can do the task and compete with the scores of your friends in the game center. All you need to do is to squeeze the breasts of the cow and see how many buckets you can fill within 30 seconds.

8. The Impossible Test SUMMER

This is the fourth installment from the Impossible Test series. It is packed with thirty questions that are summer-themed. Answer these questions correctly in order to unlock and collect seven different medals. The game also offers a new set of physics-based questions. To date, this game has already been downloaded for over 11 million times.

9. Tap Town 2

This game claims to be the most popular city building game downloaded in the App Store. There are over 70 buildings you can put up in your town. You can also manage over 20 jobs in factories. You can also add people to be your neighbors and expand as you level up.

10. Tap Petshop

If you love animals, then this is the perfect app for you. This game allows you to build a pet store with your favorite animals. You can enjoy the game more by customizing your store with staff, decorations and pets. Take note that the game also has certain items that are required to be bought using real money, but you can disable this feature.


11. Rail Maze

From the creators of Bubble Explode and Pumpkin Explode comes this new challenging game for your iPhone. Rail Maze allows you to solve over 100 puzzles by building railroads and dropping bombs around the obstacles while avoiding the pirates along the railways. It also features tunnels that you can use for your escape.

12. Doodle Cam

You can now cartoonize your videos using this app. Doodle Cam allows you to record videos and incorporate hand-drawn effects on them. You can also adjust the speed and resolution of the video. The app is free but you can upgrade it to Doodle Cam premium where you can enjoy more features.

13. Too Addictive!

It is basically a free or a LITE version of the iPhone game ?Cover Orange? where your goal is to drag objects to create barriers to cover the oranges and protect them from the harmful and toxic cloud. The free version offers ten levels of gameplay. It may seem like a scam, but it?s not. It?s just a LITE version.

14. PlayItYourself 4

This game claims to help you learn basic piano skills. There are two ways to play this game. You can either learn their scores by studying or you can simply follow the notes as shown in the app. You also have the choice on which hand you want to play because the other hand will be automatically played by the app.

15. The Streetz

The Streetz is a free online game where you can build up your crew and gear them up with powerful weapons and vehicles. If you become successful in the missions, you will certainly get a lot of money, power and of course, women. It?s basically living the life of a gangsta.

16. Glass Tower 3 Lite

The app is a new addition to the Glass Tower series. Enjoy 15 free levels of the game which involves gravity stimulation and physical collisions. Basically, the goal of the game is to destroy all the blue blocks while saving as much red blocks as possible. The game progress can always be saved, so you can pause and continue the game whenever you want to.


17. Crazy Cow Free

Make the cow?s dream come true by being a Super Cow. All you need to do is just to bump the cow to other cows in order for it to increase in size and become a Super Cow. In Crazy Cow free, you can only use a cow as your character. Upgrade to premium to enjoy 6 more animal characters.

18. Jersey Booth Lite ? Fist Pump With Friends!
Turn your pictures into Jersey Shore characters by using this app. It is a top-rated app which gives you a Jersey makeover through fake tans and Jersey hairstyles. It is packed with numerous features including the use of front and rear camera, undoing and saving your changes and using speech bubbles.

19. Angry Birds Free

It is a free version of that popular game everyone has come to love. It is basically a physics game which requires strategy to break towers and destroy the pigs using birds. There are 15 levels especially designed for this version only and it also features five episodes of the game. Each level requires logic and skill to beat the pigs.

20. Crime City

It claims to be the number one game in 11 countries. If you want to be a mobster, then you will enjoy this game. The game gives you a chance to fight and rob other players live. It has over 500 jobs you can manage and over 200 goals to accomplish for you to be on top of the mafia.

21. Zombie Restaurant

Protect your city from being attacked by hungry zombies through cooking 60 delicious zombie recipes. After the zombies are full, they will return to their graves and sleep. In order to unlock the frenzy mode, you need to continually feed the zombies. In there, you can earn multiple bonuses to level up and learn new recipes, as well as to unlock the hidden zombies.


22. Cupcake+

It is a simulated game where you can make beautiful and delicious cupcakes. The steps are very interactive and easy to follow. There is a wide selection of flavors, ranging from vanilla to strawberry. You can decorate your cupcakes with frostings, syrups, fruits, nuts and other colorful toppings such as candy and jellybeans.

23. ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

You can manage multiple teams and leagues with the use of this app. you can drag and drop different players and make a last second line up as well. Features include team management, live scoring and stats, fantasy news, notifications and message posting to your favorite teams. You can only use this app if you have an ESPN Fantasy Football team.

24. Mr Giggle 2 Lite

Mr. Giggle 2 Lite is a free version of the game of the same name. It is like tetris. All you need to do is to match the blocks into at least 3 similar colors to advance to each level. All you need to do is to move a column or a row to make the shape into a similar color.

25. Glass Tower 2


The game?s goal is to destroy the blue blocks while saving as many red blocks as possible. Take note that every broken red block is equivalent to one lost life. You have ten lives at the beginning of the game. If you want to be more productive, the game can always be saved so that you can continue playing it anytime.

26. FaceFighter Ultimate

This game allows you to put any face on a fighter?s body. All you need to do is to take a picture of a friend or an enemy, drop his or her face on top of a body and trade punches, kicks and blocks with your opponent. These pictures can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

27. SimplePhysics

This game will be free for a limited time to make way for the release of the Android version of BridgeBasher. This app is a sequel to BridgeBasher where you can design and create buildings and anything from houses to ferris wheels and simulate them using physics techniques. The creators also included a Bomb shack level and a slow motion feature.

28. Words With Friends Free

Share your love for words with your friends with this game. You can also have an instant match-make option where the system randomly chooses an opponent. Aside from that, you can also connect the game to Facebook to find more friends to play and interact with. The game also offers instant messaging.

29. Rolling Fall

It is an 80-level puzzle game where you should incorporate the right strategies to advance to higher levels. Simply tap and aim the knife to loosen the traps so that the iron balls roll and destroy the zombies. You can also compete with other player?s scores in the game center.

30. Jet Fighter Ace


Jet Fighter Ace is an iPhone game where your jet can go on a series of battles in the sky against other players. With the app, you can also customize and upgrade your ship with the use of weapons, armor and accessories. You can also have a group of allies to help you destroy your opponents.

31. Hanging with Friends

This game was made and developed by the same team who created Words with Friends. It?s a modified version of hangman where you get to play with your friends through a turn-based design. You can either play with friends or find a match using the random opponent system. In-chat messaging also offered.

32. Fruit Ninja Lite

This is a free version of the popular game of the same name. All you need to do is to simply swipe the screen to smash the fruits. Just be careful not to hit the bombs, or else your level will instantly come to an end. You can also post your result to Twitter and Facebook where you can compete with your friends.

33. Let?s Golf! ? 3

This is definitely not your ordinary golf game. Travel across six far-flung destinations including China and the outer space. It has a multiplayer feature where up to four players can compete in a tournament via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can even play on the same phone or device! Live chat is also offered.

34. Crazy Duck Hunter

This version offers new types of weapons including shotgun, scatterload gun, machine guns and rocket launchers. It also features new ducks namely high-speed, skull and ghost ducks. The game consists of three modes and 20 stages. You can either choose to be in crazy duck mode or crazy flying dog mode.

35. Angry Birds Rio Free


The original characters from Angry Birds are kidnapped and brought to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It features four episodes with 15 levels plus an additional 15 Rio Golden Beach Ball levels. Just make a way to save the birds? friends Blu and Jewel. The game incorporates the elements of the motion picture, Rio.

36. Smurfs? Village

This game allows in-app purchases, so make sure to lock this feature out on the settings of your device. The app allows you to build a village, accomplish tasks and interact with other Smurfs. You can either connect the game through Facebook and Game center or you can also play offline.

37. Racing Penguin, Flying Free

Also called Flying Penguin, this is a game based on physics where the penguins can slide and fly. The penguin slides through the mountains and slopes of Antarctica and fly by flapping your wings. Maintain or increase your speed to escape the polar bear; you can get more stars when you go faster.

38. Stickman BMX Free

This app is the sequel to Stickman Skater. It features 60 exciting levels that are fast-paced. The locations are detailed and incorporated with interactive obstacles and inhabitants. In order to progress to another level, you need to have the right BMX tricks. You can also make use of the hidden paths and routes in the game.

39. Talking Tom Cat 2

Have a cool pet by having this game. Tom is a cat which gives a response to your touch by purring. He also repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can also manipulate the settings and make his neighbor Ben throw tricks at him, like farting and hitting him with a pillow.

40. CityVille Hometown


This is the mobile version of the online game of the same name. The game allows you to build an empire in the city, manage businesses and accomplish different tasks. You can also connect the app to Facebook so that you can visit your friends and help each other. Just make sure that you are connected online to play the game.

41. GEICO BroStache

As seen on the GEICO commercial, this app can allow you to do silly things and make your conversations funnier. Connect the app to Facebook and Twitter or go to the GEICO website to unlock more ?staches. To use this app, simply hold up the phone to your mouth so that it mimics the way you talk.

42. Tap Tap Glee

Gleeks, this is the game for you. Playing this game will also give you an exclusive sneak peek of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. You can enjoy over 50 tracks popularized by Glee including ?Don?t Stop Believin??. You can also avail of a free track for each day that you play.

43. Phoenix HD

Phoenix HD is a shooting game that is suited for everyone. The difficulty can be adjusted according to your skill. It is equipped with a variety of weapons and power-ups to make you survive each level as the difficulty increases. You can also compare your score with your friends in the Game Center.

44. Dress Up! Fashion

Dress up and show your sense of style in this game. You can give the models a makeover through their hairstyles, accessories and backgrounds. You can take a snapshot of the makeovers and share them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose your style options based on the character themes such as Preppy, Ice Princess and Emo.

45. High Noon


Become the most wanted outlaw in the world with this game. It offers real-time PvP duels where you can fight and defeat your opponent. In the Game Center, you can send challenges and fight with your friends. You can also steal from your opponents, but make sure that you do not get caught!

46. Tap Fish 2

Manage your own aquarium by using this app. You can select what fish you would like to grow, breed and sell. You can level up to 80 different tanks on 80 levels. You can also interact with your neighbors as you can visit, clean and feed the fish tanks of your friends.

47. Remove the Stick

If you think that the game simply requires you to remove the sticks to get the balls to its designated pockets, think twice. This game requires critical thinking strategies. You need to rotate the device and use the pencil, magnet and swap tool. You can unlock extra modes by earning the number of stars required.

48. Solitaire by Backflip

This game is said to be the best solitaire app in the app store. If you are a fan of the classic solitaire game, then this might appeal to you because it features both traditional and Vegas modes of scoring. You can even cheat using the points you have earned.

49. All In One Game Collection Pack

Enjoy eleven games by downloading this app. It includes the following games:
? Nibbles: a remake of Snake, a classic arcade game.
? Dice rain: a math game which combines fun and challenging problems.
? Snake Defense: Snake and Defense combined.
Other games included are the following: Volcano, Toob Trix, Color Lines and a lot more.

50. Angry Birds Seasons Free


There will always be an Angry Birds game for every season. The latest installment of Rovio to the Angry Birds franchise is dedicated to Easter with chocolate eggs and bunnies. You can even send cards too. The game features 15 seasonal levels and 5 seasonal themes. Having problems? Go to the Game Center.

51. Draw Slasher: Prologue

Attack the hordes of Pirate Money Zombies with just the swipe of your finger through this game. There are four modes featured in this game: You can either choose Story Mode, Challenges, Survival and Multiplayer. Enjoy the graphics along with the diverse opponents and demanding bosses that are showcased in this app.

52. Kona?s Crate Lite

The task you need to accomplish in this game is to transfer a crate (contents unknown) to the chief before he becomes furious. Use the jet-powered platform as your means of transfer. Your goal is to deliver the crate before it gets destroyed. This will require a combination of maneuvering skills to be successful.

53. Top Girl

This app is developed by the same creator of It Girl. Top Girl allows you to be popular in town by dressing up, completing jobs and attending the top parties in Los Angeles and New York City. You can also date guys because there are about 250 guys to choose from.

54. Shark Fingers! 3D Interactive Aquarium FREE

Feed your friends and foes to the sharks by using this app. All you need to do is to set a background using the live camera or a picture of your friend or enemy and then double tap the area where you want the sharks to attack. Take the photo, then save and share to Facebook.

55. Free Color Lines


The goal of this game is to clear the board by moving the balls with same colors to form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of five or more. Make sure that there is a path available to move the balls. You can view open scores on OpenFeint and listen to the soundtracks or your own playlist while playing.

56. ABC Funnimals Lite

In the LITE version of the app, you can only use the alphabets A through F. In order to get all the alphabets, upgrade to the full version. It?s not only a game, but it is a suitable education app for children to learn the alphabet while having fun with animals.

57. Toca Hair Salon

This app is a kid-friendly game where you can run your own salon. Give the six characters a makeover. You can cut; comb, color and blow dry their hair. You can even use a potion if you want the hair to be longer. You can also take a picture, save it on your gallery and share it to your friends.

58. Slime vs. Mushroom

Fight the Evil Mushroom corps as they try to invade your peaceful village. You, along with the other slimes in the village aim to defeat the enemy. Use different strategies by placing a wide range of slimes in various positions. There are four main types of slime: Mom, Attack, Defense and Suicide Bomber.

59. Office Jerk

Throw stuff at your officemate (or frenemy) using this app. Choose your weapon ? crumpled paper, a gooey chocolate cupcake, a creamy piece of pie, a golf ball, mug or a stapler. You can also crack open the ACME pack to have endless fun using this app. So if you?re bored, wipe that smirk off your officemate?s face.

60. Royal Envoy HD


Save islands in this game. Your task is to build and upgrade different houses and buildings for the people and become the chief planner of the city of Islandshire. It requires time management and strategy to be successful in all the quests. You can unlock the full version while playing this game.

61. Fragger

Fragger is an aim-and-shoot game where you need to explode the enemies in order to advance to a higher level. The game features 340 mind-boggling levels that are set in 11 diverse worlds. If you become a grenade launcher expert, you will be able to compare your standings online with other users.

62. Arno the Hunter

Test your skills in archery by using this app. Shoot and fight the unidentified strange creatures but be careful. Avoid the local wildlife as they may attack right back at you. This game is free for a limited time, so make sure you avail of this hunting game which helps you earn a range of trophies.

63. BattleZone 3D King of the Hill

This app is free for a limited period of time so make sure to get it now. It is team-based, which means you need to team up with your friends to fight with other players. It features tank battles from World War II with other cowboys from across the globe.

64. Battle Fury Pro

This is an app where you can build your own battle squad that consists of different warrior and mage heroes. Your squad?s goal is to succeed in different battles against evil forces and monsters. Gain experience, upgrade your character and accomplish tasks to level up. There are over 100 quests to finish.

65. Mortal Skies


This game is a classic shooting arcade game that is packed with a gameplay that is full of action. There are challenging achievements that await you so that you can unlock a few extra plains plus a bonus level. There are seven main levels in different environments such as Snow and Canyons.

66. Chicken Battle

Defend your territory against your rival farmer. The game is set in five different stages that consist of five to twelve missions in each stage. The challenges get harder as the difficulty increases, so make sure that you upgrade your forces and collect XP. This will level up your character.

67. Toca Doctor Lite

This app is a puzzle game where kids and kids at heart get a chance to be a doctor for a day. This version has five puzzles and mini-games to solve. Problems involve the human body; and each is presented using lively sounds and animations. It is guaranteed to be kid-friendly.

68. Guardian Saga

The guardians have suddenly disappeared. The evil forces started roaming around the lands again and the town was in chaos. This is an app with a retro interface to complete the vintage arcade feel of the game. It consists of a first-person, turn-based set of battles loaded with new skills and equipment.


Playing a popular word game has never been this interactive. You can search for opponents through email or you can invite your Facebook friends for a friendly game of Scrabble. You can play for up to 50 times at once. You can also interact with your friends with its live chat feature.

70. Circuit Racer 3D


This app is a 3D simulation buggy car racing game that allows you to learn how to drive during any weather. You can even have your buggy in your favorite color since there are 10 different colors to choose from. Practice your skills in the timer mode. With the app?s addictive gameplay, you can go on for hours.

71. The Moron Test: Section 2

The Moron Test is dubbed as one of the App Store?s most popular games of all time with its 16 million users across the globe. The puzzles are relatively simple, but they are funny, tricky and challenging as well. It is equipped with new updates, as the second section of the game can now be played for free.

72. ICEE Maker

Beat the summer heat by making your own drink in this app. Choose and decorate your own cup, mix your own flavors and drink it up to the last drop. You can also share your creations via email or Facebook. You can also participate in the ICEE challenge and see how much drinks you can handle.

73. Zombie Farm

The latest version has fixed the bugs that were experienced from previous versions. If you like zombies and farming, then this app is for you. This app allows you to farm, grow and harvest your won zombie farm. It?s a good way to fight zombie prejudice. Visit your neighbors and spread the love!

74. The Impossible Test WATER

This app was created by the same developers of The Impossible Test. This game is themed across the water and equipped with brand new questions. Monitor your scores as well as your friends? scores in OpenFeint and GameCenter, also in the online leaderboards. The Impossible Test Water is a part of the Impossible Test series.

75. Solitaire


If you have come to love the classic Windows Solitaire, then you will love this app as well. It is also known as Patience. You can either choose to draw one or three cards. Its interface makes it easy to drag and drop cards. You can either play in portrait or landscape mode.

76. Tap Pet Hotel

Take note that this app allows in-app purchases so make sure to disable this feature on your device. Build an extravagant pet hotel and resort using this app. It showcases 60 different rooms and 50 different pets to choose from. You can even visit your friends so that you can play together.

77. Restaurant Story?

This app allows you to create the restaurant of your dreams with Restaurant Story. Just make sure that your guests are always happy and well-fed. Choose the most exquisite decorations and serve sumptuous dishes. It will not get boring because updates are released every week. Take note that this game can only be played online.

78. Escape 3D: The Villa

This app enables you to play a 3D escape game. You wake up suddenly and your goal is to find the exit to escape a Villa. It showcases recreated scenery from a real villa. Your task is to look for clues and objects that can help you find the nearest exit to escape.

79. Doodle God? Lite

Have the power of creation in your own hands with Doodle God Lite. You are equipped with earth, wind, water and fire to create a world that you wish to have. Just be careful because if something goes wrong, zombies might infest your world. Each accomplishment in this game comes with famous sayings from great men in history.

80. Pet Girl


This app is a dating game which enables to you to take care of a cute girl and satisfy her needs in three levels. You need to feed her with the hamburger that she likes. When full, you need to make her exercise. After that, adjust the shower?s temperature for her to freshen up. In turn, she will give you gifts.

81. Prince Penny

Your role is to be a prince and save your father?s kingdom by collecting all the coins being dropped on the road. Do this by riding on a chariot. Don?t forget to bump into everything that?s gold and make sure to avoid dangers. You can also have your pig sidekick to collect more coins.

82. Cut the Rope Lite

Simply swipe your fingers in order to cut the ropes. Collect stars as you touch them using the candy. Just make sure to think twice before slicing and ensure to stay away from the enemies and obstacles. You need to collect three gold stars in each stage. The difficulty varies on each level.

83. NinJump

Your aim is to jump as high as you can while avoiding enemy ninjas, angry birds, killer squirrels, exploding bombs and throwing stars. By just tapping on the screen, you can teleport from one wall to another and knock obstacles in the air. To trigger mega-jump bonuses, defeat three opponents of the same kind.

84. Zombie Rider

Zombie Rider is a zombie racing game where speed is not the only element to be on top of the leaderboards. The game consists of three different levels. On each level you should reach the finish line as soon as you can. However, sometimes it is much better to slow down while collecting brains.

85. Tap Tap Revenge 4


Enjoy playing the latest hits through Tap Tap Revenge 4. Simply tap the targets on your device to the tune of your favorite song. The points are scored based on accuracy and timing. Get a new free track every week. You can also have an online battle with your friends.

86. Texas Poker

You can play this game anytime and anywhere because it is completely free. You can also enjoy a smooth and hassle-free game of poker because this app is an ad-free version. The game is interactive because a lot of users are online 24/7. You can also invite your friends in Facebook and Twitter to join you.

87. GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+

You can download the game for free and take baby steps into the full game and the career mode. In the free version, you need to pass several driving tests and win races. This gives you a chance to unlock more vehicles and events. In the full version, you will be able to access 107 licensed cars from 25 different manufacturers.

88. Tap Zoo

There are over 50 new animals that you can take care of in this zoo game. You have a lot of choices on how to expand your zoo. You can also breed your own animals and earn more. Compare your zoo with your friends? zoos as you are able to visit them.

89. Tiny Tower

If you?re a business tycoon, then you will enjoy this game. Tiny Tower lets you build a tower and manage the businesses and the people who live in it. Your businesses will grow as you make more money and build new floors. Perks are given as you attend special events and meet with VIP visitors.

90. Hippie Hippo


The slingshot interface of this game allows you to aim and shoot at the hippo. Be frustrated as you will not be able to control his movement afterwards. There are 40 challenging levels that you need to finish. Just take note that the game allows in-app purchases for maximum gaming experience.

91. Tiny Zoo

Tiny Zoo is another zoo game which you can build a zoo and take care of animals. When you complete an animal?s family of four, they will move and animate. You can choose from 60 different species of animals including unicorns, baby seals and gorillas. You can even breed them in order to get more.

92. Bakery Story?

Design your own bakery and compare it with your friends. Just make sure that your customers are always happy and well-fed. You can even connect your game to Facebook so that you can invite more friends. This will enable you to trend secret recipes and tips with your most trusted friends.

93. Unblock Me FREE

This app is the limited version of Unblock Me, a simple and addictive puzzle game. Your task is to get the red block out of the board by simply sliding the other blocks out of the way. It is packed with 400 puzzles in the beginner level and 200 more on the Advanced level.

94. UNO? ? FREE

This is the iPhone version of that classic card game. Use your strategies to be the first to get rid of all your cards. You can play UNO online with friends if you access the game online. On the full version, you can enjoy the game in either multiplayer or tournament mode.

95. My Car Salon


Get to own a brand new vehicle repair shop by playing this app. Keep your clients happy by giving them the services that they need. Remember that time is important so do things quickly. Manage your mechanics so that they don?t slack off. Avail of upgrades so that they work faster.

96. Ant Smasher Free Game

With this highly addictive game, you are able to smash ants with the use of your finger. Be sure that the ants don?t reach the picnic and also, be careful with the bees. You can personalize the game by changing the background photo. Share your scores via email, Twitter and Facebook.

97. Bubble Shooter Free

Bubble Shooter Free is an arcade game where you need to shoot bubbles of the same color so that the board remains clear. You can also choose to play via blind mode on the setting page. Simply tap on where you want to place the bubble and shoot the bubbles up!

98. Ice cream+

Love ice cream? Then this surely is the app for you. Make the most sumptuous ice cream combinations and play with the flavors so that you can earn coins. Use these coins to purchase more items for your ice cream. It is complete with cones, bowls, toppings, fruits, nuts and sprinkles.

99. Need for Speed? Hot Pursuit LITE

This game allows you to test drive cop and racer career events. With this free version, you get to experience one Cop Event and one Racer Event for free. As you rank higher, you will be able to unlock a new car. Upgrade to the full version to gain maximum experience.

100. We Rule Deluxe


Be a monarch in this app as you are able to build, harvest and reign over your own fantasy kingdom. All you need to do is just complete tasks and earn rewards, such as decorations, experience points and gold. Updates are issued every week. Take note that We Rule will only work if played online.



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