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  1. Hemi Engine
  2. Touchless Touchscreen Technology
  3. i-Twin Limitless Pendrive Technology
  4. Material Management
  5. Automation In Power Distribution System
  6. Internet Of Things IOT Based Intelligent Bin for Smart Cities
  7. Scram Jet Engine for Hypersonic Flight
  8. Clinical Information System
  9. Clinic Management System
  10. Sidewinder Missile
  11. Internet Of Things
  12. Patient Monitoring System
  13. Patient Monitoring System || Patient Monitoring System Using Zigbee || Patient Monitoring System With SMS || IP Based Patient Monitoring System || GSM Based Patient Monitoring System || Wireless Patient Monitoring System || Remote Patient Monitoring System ||
  14. Laser Cutting System
  15. Airless/Non-Pneumatic Tyres
  16. Pneumatic Tyres
  17. Chassis Frame
  18. Laser Telemetric System
  19. 3D Television
  20. Network Security And Cryptography
  21. Ambient Backscatter
  22. Buck Boost Converter
  23. Pulse Detonation Engine
  24. Solar Collector
  25. Semi Active Suspension System
  26. Pneumatic Suspension System
  27. Active Suspension System
  28. Energy Efficient Motors
  29. 6G Mobile Technology
  30. Ambient Intelligence
  31. Barrel Shifter
  32. Big Data To Avoid Weather Related Flight Delays
  33. Gabion Structures
  34. Eddy Current Brake
  35. Types of Budgets
  36. Bump Technology
  37. Desert Cooler
  38. Diagrid Structural System
  39. Stress Ribbon Bridge
  40. 3D Optical Data Storage Technology
  41. Nanorobots The Heart Surgeon
  42. Plasma Antenna
  43. Wind Energy
  44. Concrete Repair and Structural Strengthening
  45. Replacement of Cement by Ash
  46. Traffic Control System using Embedded Web Technology
  47. Embedded Web Technology
  48. Sugarcane Harvester
  49. Floating Windmill
  50. Flying Windmills
The importance of electricity in our day to day life has reached such a stage that it is very important to protect the power system equipments from damage and to ensure maximum continuity of supply. But there are power system blackouts by which the continuous power supply is being interrupted. Download Seminar Report for Artificial Neural Network ...
PID (Proportional Integral Derivative Controller) is a controller for determining precision instrumentation system with the characteristics of the feedback on the proficiency level system. PID control component consists of three types: Proportional, Integrative and Derivatives. All three can be used together or individually depending on the response we want to a plant. Download Seminar Report for PID Controller...
An amphibious vehicle (or simply amphibian), is a vehicle or craft, that is a means of transport, viable on land as well as on water ? just like an amphibian. This definition applies equally to any land and water transport, small or large, powered or unpowered, ranging from amphibious bicycles, ATVs, cars, buses, trucks, RVs, and military vehicles, all the way to the very largest hovercraft. Download Seminar Report for Amphibious Vehicle...
An autopilot is a mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic system used to guide an aerial vehicle without assistance from a human being. It also maintains the orientation of the plane by monitoring the relevant flight data from inertial measurement instruments and then using that data to cause corrective actions. In this project an attempt has been made to design, implement and develop an autopilot for a glider plane. The required corrective measures are affected by a set of servo motors which helps the flight path and orientation to be maintained at the desired levels. Download Seminar Report for Autopilot...
The successful exploration of space requires a system that will reliably transport payload such as personnel and instrumental etc. into space and return them back to earth without subjecting them an uncomfortable or hazardous environment. In other words, the spacecraft and its payloads have to be recovered safely into the earth. We have seen the re-entry capsules and winged space vehicles approach the earth followed by safe landing. However, this could be accomplished only after considerable research in high speed aerodynamics and after many parametric studies to select the optimum design concept. Download Seminar Report for Re-entry of Space Vehicle...
We read in newspapers that a doctor had successfully transplanted a cardiac pacemaker in his patient's chest by sitting around 200kilometres away. Also we know about driverless cars that could take us to the destiny by using its inbuilt navigation systems. Embedded microprocessors or micro controllers are the brain behind these. Download Seminar Report for Embedded System in Automobiles...
Optical packet switching promises to bring the flexibility and efficiency of Internet to transparent optical networking with bit rate extending beyond that currently available with electronic router technologies. New optical signal processing have been demonstrated that enable routing at bit rates from 10gb/s to beyond 40gb/ this article we review these signal processing techniques and how all optical wavelength converters technology can be used to implement packet switching functions. Download Seminar Report for Optical Packet Switching...
Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) are optoelectronic devices based on small molecules or polymers that emit light when an electric current flows through them. simple OLED consists of a fluorescent organic layer sandwiched between two metal electrodes.Under application of an electric field, electrons and holes are injected from the two electrodes into the organic layer Download Seminar Report for Organic LED Display-OLED...

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