Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (NBRT)


Find the steps to run the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool(NBRT).

Download the NBRT tool from the link

Step 1:

Restart the computer and Boot from the CD and press and Key to Boot from the CD.
[Use F12 for DELL for Esc for HP, Thoshiba,Acer]

Select the Language English.

Step 2:

Activate the NBRT using the Beta Key.
How to get Beta Key
Login to the website and select any product and fill the details.
Customer will get the beta key to the email.
Or try the key BBDDDFBVWJ8CH2G6RGPHJQCHF and click on I Agree.

Step 3:

Click on Start scan

We can use the command prompt to replace the infected files in NBRT.

How to open Command prompt ?
Click on -> Advanced -> Launch command prompt


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