Steps to perform a full format and recovery (FFR)?



1. To begin FFR in a computer using only the Blue, Windows XP Operating System CD, have the customer put the cd into the drive and turn the computer off with the cd still in the drive.

2. Once you turn the computer back on, you need to boot from that CD. To do this you may have to tap the "Esc," key on your keyboard as the computer begins to startup.

3. After you have booted to the CD, you will come up to a screen like the one shown below.

4. Your going to want to select the first option, that being "To Set up Windows XP now, press ENTER."

5. Once you have selected that option the computer will then go to another screen with the license agreement of Windows XP like below. Hit the "F8" key to accept it.

6. Once you've accepted that you will move to the next screen that is going to come to is the screen where it asks you if you want to setup windows on the selected partition, if you want to create a partition in the unpartitioned space, and also if you want to delete the selected partition. You will want to hit "D" to delete the selected partition. Then it will prompt you to press the "L" key to confirm and will ask you if this is really what you want to do and you will select "Y" for 'Yes.' This will wipe out the old partition and give you space to make a new one.

9. Once you've hit enter to setup Windows it will then ask you what file system you would like to format the drive with. Since it is XP we are going to select the NTFS file system as shown in the picture below:

10. The system will then take about 1/2 hour to format itself. It will look like the screen below. At this point we would let the customer go and advice the customer that the system will restart a couple of times after it is done formatting and unless the computer asks for personal information like language and time zone, they just need to keep clicking "next." When it does reboot, don't boot to the cd. The system will boot to the Hard drive and only access the CD Rom when it needs certain files.

11. After the system has restarted a couple of time the system will begin to install Windows XP. It should look like the screen below:

12. From this point forward it will be a matter of personal preference in regards to the options you will encounter. There will be questions as to what time zone you are in, what language you want to choose, and what type of Installation do you want.

At this point Windows XP will be on its way to being installed on the customers system and will require approximately 10-30 minutes to complete depending on the PC.

7. Once you've deleted the partition, it will come back to the same screen and you will "Create a partition in the unpartitioned Space" by pressing the "C" key.

8. Once you've done that it will bring you back to the same screen again and this time you will press the ENTER key to setup Windows XP.

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