Errors in Media Center TV Guide when recording



  • Unable to start recording due to an unknown error message.
  • Unable to incorporate new guide data.
  • Recordings not appearing in the guide as they should.
  • Unexplained TV guide or recording problems


Windows XP Media Center Edition maintains an XML file called Recordings.xml which contains information about the televisions shows that you have on your hard drive, information about shows that you ve watched in the recent history, and information about shows that are scheduled to record in the future. Sometimes this file gets corrupted and makes your life generally difficult - causes for this could be a power failure, hard disk failure, or just bad luck.


Option 1: Try to fix the file

As this resolution will not compromise the current recording schedules or configuration, please try this option first. We will reset your guide data within MCE, which will in turn cause MCE to recalculate some portion of your recordings file (mapping the series you have scheduled to record to your new channel lineup).


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