Original Windows XP Login Name/Profile Missing After Adding A New Login Name/Profile.



The original login/profile present when the system shipped and after the initial setup is now missing after adding a new profile.


Mostly effecting systems using the Windows XP Media Center Edition, by default there is only one login present after configuring the system for the first time. This is the Administrator login. Due to this OS normally being used on proprietary machines, it is assumed that the manufacturer of the system preconfigures a user name for use in a stand alone installation script created by the manufacturer. If no alternate default is used, the installation alows the only login available (Administrator) to be visible on the Welcome screen when booting into normal mode. When the end user adds a new user, Windows will hide the Administrator login, now only selectable when booting to safe mode, and selects the new profile as the default.


Users will only be able to modify the new profile but not able to remove it due to it now being the only profile available to enter the system in normal mode. If an end user has been using this Administrator login for some time, the personal folders of that account will have files that the user needs to keep. These files will have to migrated from their containing folder to the personal folders of the new account if the end user still wishes to have access to them. Since the Administrator profile is a secure one, those files may not be accessable from other accounts despite the account being a member of the Administrators group.

To recover these files, boot to safe mode and access the Administrator account. Have the client access all personal folders and mannually move them from the folder to a chosen destination such as C:\Documents and Settings\[enter user name here]\My Documents. DO NOT "CUT/PASTE", DELETE OR IN ANY WAY REMOVE FOLDERs FROM THE CONTAINER DIRECTORY AS IT MAY CAUSE FURTHER ISSUES!!!.


**This situation may be found on other versions Windows XP (Home Edition, Professional, Server) this may be dependent upon the method the PC manufacturer chose to install to the machine.


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