Find a List of New Computer Science And Information Technology Seminar Topics

List Of Academic Seminar Topics For Information Technology

  1. Cellonics Technology
  2. Java Card
  4. Smart Dust
  5. HVAC Duct As A Communication Channel
  6. Global Positioning System- GPS
  7. IP Spoofing
  8. E-Intelligence
  9. Itanium Processor
  10. Honeypots
  11. Voice Morphing
  12. Project Oxygen
  13. Artificial Intelligence
  14. Swarm Intelligence
  15. AntHocNet
  16. Earthquake Detection Using FM Radio
  17. Cryogenic Grinding
  18. Plastic Memory
  19. Digital Theatre System
  20. Windows DNA
  21. Crusoe Processor
  22. Fuzzy Logic
  23. Ovonic Unified Memory
  24. Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line-ADSL
  25. Ten Gigabit Ethernet

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List Of Academic Seminar Topics For Information Technology. Technical seminar topics for CSE, Information technology and MCA with Abstracts to prepare your PPT Advertisement

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