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Information Technology Seminar Topics With Abstract PPT

  1. Virtual Campus
  2. Liquid Crystal Display
  3. Hyper Transport Technology
  4. Terabit Routing and Switching
  5. Ergonomics
  6. NRAM
  7. Mobile Communication
  8. Shallow Water Acoustic Networks
  9. Data Leakage Detection
  10. Interplanetary Internet
  11. Sniffer for Detecting Lost Mobiles
  12. Soft Computing
  13. Digital Forensics
  14. Callpaper Concept
  15. God Particle
  16. Vehicle Management System
  17. 3D Doctor
  18. Telepresence
  19. Vedic Mathematics
  20. FiWi-Fiber Wireless Access Networks
  21. Video Compression Techniques
  22. Data Cleaning
  23. 3D Internet
  24. Marine Pollution
  25. SAP Software

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